Sheenah Hankin

We are
born to be confident.

Ever wish you were more confident?

Do you ever feel Anxious? Guilty? Ashamed?
Do you ever feel sorry for yourself?
Do you ever feel Stupid? Old? Fat? Ugly?
Do you ever feel like a loser?

To be confident, we must walk a path to freedom from immature feelings, arriving at a place called Emotional Maturity. The people we meet there are competent high achievers. They are cheerful and calm, open and welcoming. They are not shy. They are honest and straightforward when annoyed, and they react positively when faced with life’s challenges. Confident people play the game of life with a Winning Hand. You can join them too if you make the journey.

The Winning Hand of Comfort

Managing our emotions maturely so they do not control our lives is a skill that can be learned. All skills require effort at first, but our brilliant, adaptive brains are open to new learning at every age. We manage our emotions with The Winning Hand of Comfort. This life tool empowers us to SPEAK UP, STAND UP and SHOW UP without anxiety, and allows us to manage our anger and other negative emotions directly and honestly with confidence.

Here are the five powerful steps of The Winning Hand of Comfort:

Complete Confidence is your Handbook.

Sheenah guides you to a confident life, free from anxiety, self-criticism, and immature anger. Her book shows you new ways to think and act, and how to retrain your brain to maturely manage emotions and calmly solve problems.

Sheenah's Winning Hand of Comfort is a clear and concise method for handling everyday upsets, from resolving conflicts to ending unhelpful habits. Complete Confidence speaks to what you need to fulfill your potential and face life's challenges.

Get ‘Complete Confidence’

What people are saying...

“Sheenah Hankin’s words of wisdom, always delivered with integrity, compassion, and humor, never failed to help our family navigate today’s emotional minefields. Her new book is an invaluable read for anyone looking for answers.”

Ron Howard
Academy Award-wining director and actor

“Sheenah Hankin is a confident woman who lives what she writes about. Follow her guidelines and you too can live a confident life.”

Windy Dryden, Ph. D.
author of Overcoming Anxiety and Overcoming Depression

“Every now and then, a self-help book comes along that can truly deliver the results it promises. This is such a work. Its powerful advice is psychologically deep, grounded in a lifetime of experience, and expressed simply, with a personal touch.”

James K. Sebenius
Director of the Negotiation Roundtable at Harvard

Sheenah was featured in "The Happy Film" starring Stefan Sagmeister, and directed by Sagmeister, Ben Nabors and Hillman Curtis. The movie will have its world premiere in the World Documentary Competition at the TriBeCa Film Festival in New York City on Saturday, April 16, 2016.

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